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Dedicated to helping you plan and enjoy the best possible working holiday or internship.

Arranging a gap year, working holiday or internship is easy as long as you get the basics in place. We’re here to show you some of the key points to look out for when you plan your trip.

To make this website as useful and user friendly as possible we’ve provided the key information in manageable chunks which shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds to read. If you find the information interesting then you can learn more by reading on down the page.

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 Working Holiday Store in 15 seconds

•  Comprehensive information to help you plan a working holiday or internship

•  Summaries on each page for quick reference

•  Detailed information for those with more time

•  Overseas internship placement programmes

•  South African Wildlife Volunteering

•  Tips to help ensure you have a successful trip

•  Carefully chosen partners offering products to complement your travels

•  Regular news updates

•  Links to useful websites



Don’t scrimp on insurance. The right policy could prove invaluable if something goes wrong. We explain what you can get, when you could need it and how to use it.  We also have some useful FAQ’s.


Hotel internships in some of the top resorts and hotels in British Columbia. 6 and 12 month paid operational placements. A great insight in to the possible career paths available in this fantastic industry.



Work on an African game reserve actively contributing toward the well-being of the animals and their protected environment or learn about a South African equestrian centre, riding trails and viewing animals.

747 sky 300X80FLIGHTS

The flight is likely to be your biggest investment. We explain the different types of tickets available, the pros and cons of the cheapest fares along with ideas for routes, stop-overs and times to travel.


We have simple information regarding making the application directly with Immigration. It’s not as complicated as you may think and going direct can save you time and money.

Waitress serving coffee cups making espresso woman cafe bar workingFINDING WORK

Is it “work” with a holiday, or a” holiday” with work? We’ll help you to recognise how important finding a job is for you and offer some useful ideas about the different jobs available and how best to secure them.

group snowboard300X80STAYING IN TOUCH

Even when you are half-way around the World you don’t need to be out of touch. We provide ideas and suggestions about the best and most affordable ways of staying in contact with friends and family.

Bicyclist carries its mountain bicycle on whirlled rocky declivityMONEY

Make your money go further. Using debit and credit cards abroad will cost you in bank fees. Using a money transfer expert is easy and can save you money. We have money options for all situations.

Sydney Harbour300X80STAYING SAFE

Most trips will be safe and event free. However, help stack the odds in your favour by following our pre-departure suggestions along with tips and advice to help you stay safe while you are away.

Teacher and student working on computerINTERNSHIP INFO FOR STUDENTS

There are loads of different types of overseas internship. We’ll explain the key differences and help you decide what type is best for you. We also have helpful tips on how to arrange your placement.


Using our overseas partners and UKBA approved sponsor, we make finding the best intern simple and straight forward allowing you to efficiently recruit the most suitable student for your training vacancy.